CFAES Student Council

The CFAES Student Council is a student led, liaison for students and clubs, formed with members from all CFAES student organizations. Communicating on their behalf between the administration, staff, alumni, and current students; the councils general body meets bi-monthly and discusses ways to best serve the college in its aims and missions. CFAES Student Council puts on numerous college-wide activities such as the AgLympics, an ice skating social, and helps with other college events such as Back to School Bash and Farm Science Review. This year's mission is expanding vertical communication throughout the college.

Your 2019 Executive Team

President: Kiersten Cavender (cavender.23)

Vice President: Laina Green (green.1933)

Secretary: Hannah Maggard (maggard.47)

Treasurer: Justin Rindler (rindler.127)

Public Relations: Cameron White (white.2871)

Social Chair: Calla Mazzaro (mazzaro.4)