CFAES Student Council

The CFAES Student Council serves as a medium for the exchange of ideas and for the publicity of events between the organizations of our College and School. The council is composed of a member from organizations within the College and School. The purpose of this organization shall be: to communicate, as a representative body, the interests of students in the College and School concerning campus affairs and University, College and School policies to the University community, to sponsor activities and encourage rapport among students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the College and School in order to provide for continuing growth of students’ services, scholarship and leadership and to project a professional image of modern agriculture and natural resources. The CFAES Student Council meets every other Thursday and holds various events throughout the year. Talk to a member in your organization to figure out how you can represent your student body on the CFAES Student Council!

Your 2018 Executive Team

President: Steve Speck (speck.36)

Vice President: Connor Frame (frame.46)

Secretary: Lindsay Davis (davis.4889)

Treasurer: Amanda Morgan (morgan.1342)

AGR Public Relations: Haley Evans (evans.2135)

Social Chair: Kaitlyn Evans (evans.2129)

Ag At Large: Amanda Morgan