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Co-Chair Application

The 2022 Co-Chair application is closed

Co-Chair Application

Note: Please download the application to your computer before starting to complete. 

The CFAES Celebration of Students Program has a 67-year history of being the highlight event of the academic year! Each year, the student committee works to create an experience that will capture the interest of all our students and their families, as well as the faculty and staff in our College. It is an exciting challenge to produce an unforgettable evening where all feel welcomed and appreciated, and those honored will have memories to last a lifetime!  

To make this happen, we search for student leaders who can appreciate the enormity of the task and lead the design of an event that acknowledges and highlights the successes of our students, faculty and staff in a way that folks throughout the College will enjoy!

Skills Needed
Being a Co-Chair requires solid interpersonal skills, an appreciation for diverse perspectives, and an ability to effectively lead, multi-task, and delegate. It requires a significant time commitment and must be a priority to successfully create a quality event. Applicants need to have established a solid academic program to be successful in balancing the demands on their time. A GPA of 2.75 is required to qualify for consideration as a Co-Chair.
Responsibilities of Co-Chairs
  • Provide overall direction and leadership for all aspects of the program.
  • Recruit students from all CFAES academic units to serve on the committee.
  • Assign members and recruit advisors for the various sub-committees.
  • Work collaboratively to prepare a budget, plan a meeting schedule, establish and meet goals, and maintain communication among the sub-committees. To help facilitate these multiple responsibilities, one Co-Chair will focus primarily on communication and marketing, and one will focus on financial and facility matters.
  • Conduct a post-event evaluation and ensure that appropriate records are prepared and archived for use by future planners.