Planning Committee

Planning Committee

The opportunity to serve on the Recognition Program Planning Committee provides you with a variety of ways to exercise your leadership and creative skills.

Meetings are held on Wednesday evenings.






There are many different ways you can become involved:


Atmosphere & Ambience – Plan, order, and construct decorations (working with ATI) that go with the theme to add color and beauty to the Recognition Program, including table decorations, place settings, and stage decor. Develop entertainment segments to be used prior to and during the event, either by the creation of video or recruitment of individuals/groups to provide talent. Develop a way to recognize all graduating seniors. 

Food & Menu – Plan and budget the menu for the event’s dinner, solicit needed food items and table service, make arrangements for food preparation, and coordinate food preparation and serving needs with the Ohio Union chef and staff. Recruit students and faculty members to serve meals. Recruit students to clear tables and assist in clean up after the meal.

Production – Collaborate with other sub-committees to prepare and coordinate photographs, PowerPoint presentations, and video segments used during the event. Serve in a technical role to help committees achieve their goals for video production. Work with CFAES Communications professionals to perform pre-production and production efforts.

Program – Collect and organize all information for the publication of the recognition program booklet; work with faculty advisor in design and creation. Select printer and proof copy before printing. Work with Production sub-committee to obtain photos needed for program.

Public Relations – Plan and conduct a comprehensive communication effort to inform students, faculty, and staff about the Recognition Program using signs, letters, t-shirts, posters, and other imaginative devices. Design, organize, and coordinate the printing, distribution, and sales of the Recognition Program tickets. Coordinate door prizes and banquet promotion items. Send invitations to special guests of the college and recruit students in the college to serve as their hosts and hostesses.

Solicitations – Coordinate solicitation of donations from student organizations, firms, and others to support the costs associated with the banquet. Work with other sub-committees to involve them in the solicitation process as well.

Opportunities requiring an Audition or Interview:

Narrators – Work together to create and present the Recognition Program script. Click here to read more information on the Narrator interview process.

  • All committee members will have the opportunity to audition to be a Narrator. Narrators will be interviewed and selected in February. You must be a committee member to audition for the narrator position.