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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to take a math course my first semester?

All majors at Ohio State will require the completion of a level of math (each major requiring a different level). We ask that you enroll in math your first semester so that you keep your options open. It is easier to complete math right after high school than wait a year and pick it back up again.The less you use math, the tougher it is to retain. If you have a major, or majors, in mind, please let an advisor know and we will direct you to the most appropriate math course.

Why can't I take English my first semester?

Each autumn, there are more than 6,000 students entering the university. In order to provide the highest quality instruction and to ensure availability, not every college and major takes English their first semester. CFAES students, along with Business, Engineering, all the Health Profession majors, and other colleges, take English in the spring. 

Should I take a foreign language my first semester?

Not every major at Ohio State requires a foreign language. CFAES does not require foreign language. All of the majors in the Colleges of the Arts and Sciences and International Business in the College of Business will require a foreign language through level 1103. In order to keep your options open, we feel that if you placed in level 1102 or higher, and want to continue that language, we recommend you consider taking the language, if possible. You don't want a big gap between your years of foreign language and it may be easier to complete the language right after high school. If you take a foreign language, you keep all your options open. If you choose a major that does not require a foreign language, that foreign language will count towards your degree as elective course work.

If I want to take a foreign language, do I have to take the same one I took in high school?

No. There are over 30 different languages available at Ohio State (including sign language). You are welcome to take any language in which you are interested.

What is the CFAES Survey class (FAES 1100)?

Every student at Ohio State enrolls in survey their first semester. Each college will have their own version of survey. This class is designed to introduce you to the university and its policies and procedures, as well as to your college and major. For CFAES students, this course is taught by staff in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences with the assistance of freshmen Faculty Advisers.

Do I have to take survey class my first semester?

Yes. All students must take survey their first semester.

Is survey class a "blow-off" class?

No. Survey class will help you select your major and minor and get acclimated to the university through different assignments. Attendance is mandatory and the class is graded A through E, and thus affects your GPA.

What is an easy class to take?

The degree of difficulty of a class is a very personal thing. A class that is easy for you may not be easy for someone else. We discourage you from building your schedule based simply on the perceived difficulty of your classes. To the extent we can, we try to schedule you in a major course and/or courses offered by faculty in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.