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Animal Sciences - Nutrition
NAME TITLE (to read abstract, click on title) PROJECT ADVISOR
Darlene Bloxham The Effect of Source of Forage and Level on Feed Intake and Diet Digestibility in Redbros Michael Lilburn
Leanne Diese Determining Maintainance Energy Requirements of Rumen Protozoa to Improve Ruminant Livestock Feed Efficiency Jeff Firkins
Yasmine Jackson Effect of Dietary Yeast Supplementation on Microflora in the Gastrointestinal Tracts of Horses Kim Cole
Bethany Keyser Methods for the Measurement of Reserve Carbohydrate for Mixed Rumen Microbes Jeff Firkins
Kelsey Koke * Effects of Dietary Yeast Supplementation on Serum IgG(T) Concentrations in Quarter Horse Mares Kim Cole
Aaron Pospisil * Calcium and Phosphorus Requirements for Maximized Growth in Modern Market Poults David Latshaw
Elizabeth Share Effects of Maternal Dietary Yeast Supplementation During Late Gestation and Early Lactation on Foal Growth and Development from Birth to Weaning Kim Cole


Animal Sciences - Production and Management
NAME TITLE (to read abstract, click on title) PROJECT ADVISOR
Paula Chen * Expression of Decorin,ki67, Transforming Growth Factor B1, and Its Receptor in Prepubertal Bovine Mammary Tissue Kristy Daniels
Chelsea Ciambrone The Relationship of Milk Urea Nitrogen to Blood Urea Nitrogen in Quarter Horse Mares Kim Cole
Sarah Finney Variation in Milk Production Within Dairy Herds Maurice Eastridge
Mallory Kanwal Development of a Double Antigen Tetanus Elisa for Use in Horses Kim Cole
Kyle Nickles The Effect of Sex on Performance, Ultrasonic Measurements, and Carcass Characteristics of Purebred Berkshire Pigs Exhibited at the National Barrow Show Dustin Boler
Caleigh Payne Bacterial Counts in Recycled Manure Solids used as a Deep Pack or Mattress Covering in a Dairy Free-Stall Housing System Jeff Firkins
Allison Pullin The Effects of Probiotics on the Incidence of Salmonella in Commercial Broilers Kim Cole
Sarah Swartzwelder Housing System May Effect Calf Behavior and Performance of Jersey Heifer Calves Maurice Eastridge
Amy Trabold * Effects of Melatonin on Stallion Sperm Motility and Viability in Vitro Kim Cole


Environmental and Plant Sciences
NAME TITLE (to read abstract, click on title) PROJECT ADVISOR
Katherine Gambone * Assessing the Reactive Oxygen Species Scavenging Activity of Diploidia pinea Pierluigi Bonello
Eric Gates Influence of adding small instream wood on fishes and hydrology within channelized agricultural headwater streams in central Ohio Peter Smiley
Kelly Lewis Effects of temperature on germination and seed quality in locally adapted Mexican maize landraces Kristen Mercer
Eric Percel Pristine effects on queen rearing success Reed Johnson
Diana Saintignon Risk behavior of Peromyscus spp. in clear-cut, saw timber, and mature forest stands Robert Gates
Bradley Snyder * Dina Sequence Evaluation of the Rag5 Locus for Soybean Aphid Resistance Leah McHale
Penny Sparks Vegetative Reproduction of Trifolium stoloniferum Stolons David Barker


Food Science and Engineering
NAME TITLE (to read abstract, click on title) PROJECT ADVISOR
Stephanie Dickson Impact of Tea Fermentation and Storage Temperature on the Formation of Tea Cream Luis Rodriguez-Saona
Thomas Haufe * Isolation of five carotenoids from tangerine tomatoes using preparatory HPLC-PDA for use as analytical standards Steven Schwartz
Martin Swartz Fermentative production of Biobutanol from industrial food processing wastes using strains of clostridia Katrina Cornish


Social Sciences
NAME TITLE (to read abstract, click on title) PROJECT ADVISOR
Andrea Chu Interdisciplinary Collaboration Eric Toman
Sandra DePue Identifying Gaps in Ohio’s Red Meat Supply Chain Henry Zerby
Leah McDannell The Relationship Between Exam Completion Time and Exam Performance in an Introductory Animal Sciences Course Pasha Peffer
Suzie McMullen & Nicole Steinmetz * Toward Cultural Proficiency: How Much Confidence can be gained and What Benchmarks and Standards can be met in a College Course? Susie Whittington
Ariel Miller Barriers to Home Fruit and Vegetable Gardening in Ohio Jeff Sharp

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