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Ashley Appelhans
Effects of Conjugated Linoleic Acid on Total Body Weight, Fat Deposition, and Adipocyte Cell Size in Broiler Chickens
Kichoon Lee
Jasmine Cheeks
Campylobacter Pathogenesis: The function of Methyl Accepting Chemo taxis Proteins
Gireesh Rajashekara
Emily Chory
Feeding Different Forms of Methionine and Rumen Protected Methionine Alter the Incorporation of 15-N Enriched Nitrogen into Microbial Protein in Batch Cultures Jeff Firkins
Drew Enigk
Comparative Behavior of Grevy's Zebras and Somali Wild Asses
Pasha Lyvers- Peffer
Kurtis Feng
Inactivation of Human Borovirus Surrogate, Human Borovirus Virus- Like Particles, and Vesticular Stomatitis Virus by Gamma Eradication: Sensitivity and Mechanism
Jianrong Li
Donnese Franklin
Construction of PPX Mutant of Campylobacter Jejuni
Gireesh Rajashekara
Kasey Godden
Bead Uptake Kinetics by Entodinium Caudatum and Mixed Rumen Protozoa as Affected by Glucose Addition
Jeff Firkins
Tabatha Graham
Effect of Female Scent Marks on Olfactory Behavior in Sexually Naïve and Experienced Male Gray Short Tailed Opossum
John Harder
Amanda Haddix
Using Food and Agriculture as a Context for Teaching Science Standards
Robert Birkenholz
Nathan Helsinger
Selective Seed Scavenging by the Earthworm Lumbricus Terrestris
Kent Harrison
Amber Hoffstetter
Managing Botrytis Gray Mold of Greenhouse Geraniums With a Biological Fungicide
Thomas Mitchell
Allison Hunter
Effect of Ewe Body Condition During Mid to Late Gestation on Progeny Mammary Epithelial Cell Proliferation
Kristy Daniels
Lauren Jaworski
Expression of Tumor Suppressor Genes PTEN and Rb in Canine Osteosarcoma
William Kisseberth
Silis Jiang
Neutrophil and Monocyte Response to PM2.5 Exposure
Qinghua Sun
Brittani Jones
Evaluation of Broiler Chicks' Ability to Adjust Feed Intake to Equalize Caloric Intake When Fiber Content is Altered
David Latshaw
Kaleb Kohler
Regulation of the Glucose Transport Pathway in Visceral and Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue in an Equine Model of Insulin Resistance
Veronique Lacombe
Merliana Liem
Rheology of Prebiotic Chocolate
Yael Vodovotz
Suzie McMullen, Sara Schmitz, and Nicole Steinmetz
Toward Cultural Proficiency: A Course for Preservice Educators, Communicators, and Leaders
Susie Whittington
Tracey Mechlin
The role of Abscisic Acid in Grape Quality and Vine Cold Hardiness
Imed Dami
Morgan Menzie
Essential Oil and Rumensin Affect Ruminal Fermentation in Continuous Culture
Maurice Eastridge
Alifia Merchant
Quantification of an Externally Applied Plant Hormone, Methyl Jasmonate, in Species of Ash Trees
Pierluigi Bonello
Amy Miller
The Effects of Soil Parameters on Growth and Survival of Chestnut
David Hix
Stephanie Neal
Effects of Alternative Housing and Feeding Systems on the Behavior and Performance of Dairy Heifer Calves
Maurice Eastridge
Amelia Nyhart
Influence of Feeding Practices on Behavior and Activity Levels in Quarter Horse Mares
Kimberly Cole
Dominic Peterl
Tall Fescue: Water Use Efficency and Stomatal Conductance
David Gardner
Emily Severt
The Effect of FMB11 and Avicorr Probiotics on Salmonella Incidence in Commercial Tom Turkeys
Pasha Lyvers- Peffer
Kathleen Shircliff
Maternal Line Genetic Influence on Fresh Pork Quality and Palatability
Henry Zerby
Lindsay Shoup
Effect of Gestational Energy Sources on Feedlot Performance, Glucose Tolerance, and Carcass Traits of Progeny
Steven Loerch
Abigail Snyder
Infrared Spectroscopy as Means of Determining Concord Juice Concentration in a Grape Juice Blend
Monica Guisti
Allyson Sterman
Salmonella in Feed and the Relationship to Strains in Swine Fecal Samples
Wondwoss Gebreyes
Shawn Stone
Evaluation of Local Climate Variability in the Peruvian Andes Through the Analysis of High Resolution Climate Observations
Bryan Mark
Maureen Sundoro
Classification of Organically and Conventionally Produced Cream Butter by Infrared Spectroscopy and Multivariate Analysis
Luis Rodriguez-Saona
Sara Taylor
SIFT-MS Identifies Unique Volatile Masses in 24hr Post Mortem Loins From Different Berkshire and Landrace Backgrounds
Pasha Lyvers- Peffer
Matthew Teegarden
Heat Treatment of Soy Flour and Its Effects on Isoflavone Conversion
Yael Vodovotz
Shalie Terrill
Students' Attitudes and Perceptions About Collaboration Between Student Organizations
Susie Whittington
Andrea Tholen
The Effect of Density on Bacterial Counts of Recycled Manure Joe Hogan
Hannah Thompson
Agricultural Issues on the Ballot: The 2009 Issue 2 Campaign
Emily Rhoades
Brittany Towers
Green Tea as an Alternative Anti-Browning Agent on Fresh Cut Fruits
Sheryl Barringer
Alexa Weiss
Germination and Dormancy of Crop-Wild Sunflower Hybrid Cross Types Under Simulated Fall Conditions
Kristin Mercer
Julie Wilson
Determination of Sclerotinia Homoeocarpa Virulence Factors on Creeping Bentgrass
Angela Orshinsky