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Bryce Adams A Comparison of Survey Methods for Estimating Abundances of Grassland Birds in Ohio Les Murray
Erelyn Apolinar The Effects of Plant Diversity on Canopy Architecture of Wetland Species  Virginie Bouchard
Jessica Bennett Columbus and Franklin County Metropolitan Park District Firearms Policy -a Mental Model Robyn Wilson
Jed Bookman Piaget's Stages of Cognitive Development; Have College Students Reached the Stage of Formal Operations  Susie Whittington
Elizabeth Brockson Evaluation of Decosahexaenoic and Arachidonic Acid as Modifiers of Acetyl Coenzyme A Carboxylase in Pre and Full Term Pigs Pasha Lyvers-Peffer
Laura Bruner The Study of Arabidopsis Thaliana Trichomes for Source of Chemical Defense Against Pathogens Erich Grotewold
Josephaine Bryk The Effect of Above Baseline Activity  Pam Dennis
Kendra Carter Free Roaming Domestic Cats and Wildlife- Evaluating Impacts Through Rehabilitation Admissions Roger Williams
Emily Chory Evaluation of Live Attenuated Salmonella Vaccine Vectors on Tissue Colonization and Invasion in Poults Kim Cole
Kyle Costilon Visual Symptoms of Ash Infestation in Relation to EAB Numbers in Traps Kathleen Knight
Sara Czapranski Cross Reactivity of Anti Human Monoclonal Antibodies With Canine Leukocytes Sarah Leavell
Eliseo Davila The Effect of Aging on Protein Profiles of Cooked Meats MacDonald Wick
Joana Donofrio Demographics of Ohio's River Otter Population Stanley Gehrt
Christina Egner Effects of Application Rate of an Acidic Conditioner on Bacterial Counts in Recycled Manure Used as Dairy Bedding Joe Hogan
Kurt Ellis Analysis of Volatile Compounds Associated with Warmed Over Flavor in Cooked Chicken Using Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry MacDonald Wick
Kurtis Feng Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Expressing Hepatitis E Virus-like Particles: A New Live Vaccine Candidate for Non Cultivable Foodborne Viruses Jianrong Li
Paige Gott The Variation in the Chemical Composition of Crude Glycerin Maurice Eastridge
Melissa Herman Comparison of Inorganic Fertilizer and Cattle Manure as Nitrogen Sources for Maize Production in Kakamega District, Kenya Rattan Lal
Cassandra Hupp Marketing Strategies of Ohio Agri-tourism Businesses Emily Rhoades
Emma Jinks Inducing Double Ovulation in Beef Cows via Simultaneous Luteal Regression and Follicle Wave Emergence in a Low Progesterone Environment Michael Day
Allison Kenzig Immunoglobulin G Concentrations in Quarter Horse Mares and Their Foals  Kim Cole
Katherine Kroesen The Effects of Temperature on Developing Poultry Embryos  Michael Day
Sara McCarthy Edimentation and Erosion Patterns in 15-year-old Created Wetlands  William Mitsch
Luke Morrow Immunoglobulin G Concentrations in Mares and Foals Using an ELISA Kim Cole
Andrew Muntz Turf Grass Alternatives Laura Burchfield
Rishi Patel Pulmonary Fibrosis Inducer Activates Endothelial Phospholipase D. Narasimham Parinandi
Jessica Pempek Effect of Rubber Flooring in a Free stall Dairy Barn on Cow Behavior and Milk Production Maurice Eastridge
Caleb Priest Supplementing Dried Distillers GrainsPlus Solubles (DDGS)in Grazing Lambs Steven Loerch
Charles Schwarten Environmental Tolerance of a H4N6 Avian-Origin Type A Influenza Virus  Robert Gates
Julie Serr Response of Adipose Triglyceride Lipase to Fasting and re- Feeding Kichoon Lee
Amber Sewell Effects of Feeding Different Rumen-Protected Fat Supplements on the Fatty Acid Composition of Milk Maurice Eastridge
Lindsay Shoup and Matthew Weeman Effect of Probiotic on Invitro Methane Emission in Livestock Farming Thaddeus Ezeji
Sara Sklenka Residual Zweanol Levels in Implanted Cattle MacDonald Wick
Jessica Solomon The Effects of Dietary Selenium Levels and Source on Selenium Retention in Two Blood Components in Swine Donald Mahen
Amanda Stalford The Effects of HMBi on Nitrogen Fractions in Continuous Culture Fermenters  Jeff Firkins
Bethany Stammen Feed Preference Index on Fats and Oils for Poultry David Latshaw
Renee Starkey Differentiation Effects of Effective Fiber Sources on Performance of Lactating Dairy Cows Maurice Eastridge
Laura Thornhill OSUMC's Potential to Save Lives and the Environment Kendra McSweeney
Debra Van Camp Food Reformulations: Firm Responses to Traffic Light Labeling in the UK Neal Hooker
Jackie Wells Social Interaction Ameliorates Stress-Induced  Worsening of Stroke Outcome in Mice Anne Devries
Lauren Yoder Ohio State University Mansfield Campus Mitigated Wetland Research Dawn Ferris