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Robert Beaulieu Oxalic Acid Production by Sclerotinia Homoeocarpa the Casual Agent Mike Boehm
Katherine Betts Proteomic Analysis of Whole Muscle Fingerprints From Yellow Perch, Perca Flavescens, and Identification of Proteins Associated with Body Weight and Length MacDonald Wick
Jed Bookman Principles of Teaching and Learning: Are They Alive in Professors' Class Sessions? Susie Whittington
Jordan Bowers The Effect of Incubation Temperature From 0-10 Day in Embryonic Development of White Pekin Ducks Michael Lilburn
Kyle Chambers Two Year Study of Water Quality in the Lower Olentangy River Prior to Dam Removal William Mitsch
Christopher Cooley Sampling Flood Event Water Quality on a River- Implications for Floodplain Restoration After Dam Removal William Mitsch
Gwen Dubelko The Impact of the 5th Avenue Lowhead Dam on Denitrification Rates in the Lower Olentangy Watershed in Columbus, Ohio Virginie Bouchard
Megan Ehrmin Developing of a Multi Faceted Landscape Design Feasibility Study for the Installation of a Rooftop Garden on Howlett Hall Laura Burchfield
Katy Garrett Exploring Allelopathic Chemicals as Plant Defense Activators  Terrence Grahahm
James Hamski Estimation of Hydraulic Parameters and Discharge of the Brahmaputra River From Space Doug Alsdorf
Amanda Hayes Greenhouse Sanitation: Efficacy of Disinfectants on Cutting Blades Using Tobacco Mosaic Virus on Petunia as a Model Daniel Lewandoski
Grace Hill The Effect of Varying Levels of Iron Injected into Piglets Don Mahan
Matthew Lane Determining Channel Location and Stability in the Lower Olentangy Prior to Dam Removal Virginie Bouchard
Alyssa Larue Analysis of Elemental Concentrations of Biologically Important Elements in Caprine Milk and Commercial Caprine Milk Replacers Using Neutron Activation Analysis  Michael Day
Jennifer Lynch Comparison of Different Sources of Rumen Protected Choline for Lactating Dairy Cows Maurice Eastridge
Mark Lyons Chemotaxis of Ruminal Protozoa Toward Glucose and Xylose Jeff Firkins
Nicholas Marconi The Hungry Dragon and the Tainted Well: A Revisitation of Zhao et al as it Pertains to Chinese Food Security  Fred Hitzhusen
Covin Marron Photodegredation of Metoloachlor in Natural and Constructed  Wetlands Linda Weavers
Jessica Martin Evaluation of Decosahaenoic and Arachidonic Acid as Modifiers of Carnitine Palmitoyl Transferase in Pre and Full Term Pigs Pasha Lyvers-Peffer
Amanda Meddles Dairy Farming in Ohio 2020: Economic Evaluation of the Future for Small Dairy Farms Cameron Thraen
Stephanie Metzger Biofilm Formation by Entercoccus Species of Bovine Mammary  Gland and Environmental Origins Joe Hogan
Alexandra Naegele Estimation of Maximum Discharges of Flood Events of Selected Occurrence Frequencies  William Mitsch
Monica Noon Vegetation Analysis of a Barvian Bottomland Hardwood Forest Upstream of a Dammed Reservoir Prior to Dam Removal William Mitsch
Curtis Pittman Lipid Content and Tenderness of Low, Medium and High Marbling  Pork Loin Chops Henry Zerby
Johanna Plank Effect of Weaning on Pasture Consumption by Beef Cows in the Four Week Period Following Weaning Thomas Tu
Caitlin Pohlit Effects of Dietary Sodium Levels on Mineral Digestibility in Growing Pigs Don Mahan
Jeremy Pritt Orange Throat Darter Population Responses to Habitat Difference Within a Central Ohio Headwater Stream Peter Smiley
Ana Rings Ammonia Estimation in Manure Using the Nitrogen to Ash Ratio William Weiss
Catherine Shaw Breast Milk vs Infant Formula; Impact of Nutritional Intake on the Development of Gastro Intestinal Flora Zhongtang Yu
Ashley Shellabarger Restriction Protein in a Layer Diet Will Decrease Ammonia Production David Latshaw
Annie Specht Cultivation the Farm Bill: The Effect of Print Media Communication in Ag Legislation Emily Rhoades
Debra Van Camp Food Transformations Neal Hooker
Ashley Vent Anaerobic Digestors Zhongtang Yu
Matt Verdin and Zubin Yavar Exposure to Air Pollution Potentiates Systemic Inflammation Associated with Vascular Dysfunction and Diabetes Qinghua Sun
Sherr Vue Effect of Thiamine Treatments on the Growth Rate of Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush) Affected with Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) Konrad Dabrowski
Justin Walters Lower Olentangy River Ecosystem Restoration Project; Current Biological State David Johnson
Nick Weidenbenner Effect of Methyl Jasmoate on White Ash and Manchurian Ash as it Relates to Emerald Ash Borer Attacks Pierluigi Bonello
Sandra Zurbrugg Galactooligosaccharides as an Alternative Ingredient to Improve Nutritional Profile of Chocolate Truffles Yael Vodovotz