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Jamie Berning Determining Variability of the Antimicrobial Resistance Reservoir- Comparison of TET (c) and TET (M) Julie Funk
Ryan Ceddia Sodium Dependent Vitamin  C Transporter in the Sheep Corpus Luteum;  Sequence Analysis Joseph Ottobre
Jeremy Cohen Product or Process: An Examination of the Decision to Adopt End-Use Renewable Energy Tom Koontz
Lauren Fiala A Comparison of  Two Methods Used to Determine Endophyte Infection in Tall Fescue Emily Rhoades
Nathan Goodell Pasture Recovery by Broadcast Seeding After Treading Damage by Heifers in Wet Weather David Zartman
Caryn Hoerst Types and Cognitive Level of Questions Asked During College Classes Susie Whittington
Angela Kohut The Extraction and Analysis of Sphingolipids from Whey Proteins Joshua Bomser
Rachel Kopec Separation and Isolation of S(-) Equol: The Biologically Relevant Metabolite of the Soy Isoflanone Daidzein Steven Schwartz
Chitra Kusnadi Modeling of Moisture Migration in Rye Bread and Calculation of Effective Moisture Diffusivity Gonul Kaletunc
Kerri Little The Viscoelastic Properties of Turkey Breast Muscle in Relation to Breast Yield MacDonald Wick
Stacey Moritz The Role of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in the Regulation of Follicular Development in Lambs Joseph Ottobre
Crystal Newcomer Evaluation of the Health Status of Migratory Passerines Teresa Morishita
Andy Nichols and Cara Norvell Whole Muscle 1D Fingerprinting of Yellow Perch Selected for Rapid Growth MacDonald Wick
Carl Norden Price Profit and Policy- Investigating a Conundrum Carl Zulauf
Maureen O'Brien Prevalence of Dirofilaria Immitis in Outdoor Cats in Washtenaw County, Michigan Cliff Monahan
Johnathan Pierce Identification of Muscle Proteins Associated with Burn on Dunhg Meat Processing MacDonald Wick
Daniel Poole Analysis of Fast Myosin Light Chain Isoform Concentrations in Four Bovine Muscles MacDonald Wick
Amanda Shumaker Comparison of Thustonian Probabilistic Modeling of Rating Data with Parametric Statistics Part II Jeannine Delwiche
James White Adaptation of Immuno- Cytochemistry for Detection of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus to a Flow Based Assay Sarah Leavell
Justin Whitehill The Relationship Between the Fine Bark Beetle and the Tip Blight Pathogen on Austrian Pine Pierluigi Bonello
Heath Williams Unique Solubility of Turkey Fast Skeletal Embryonic Myosin Isoforms MacDonald Wick