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This opportunity is designed to challenge superior students to take a closer look at what interests them most. With the support of faculty, honors students conduct research and share their discoveries with others. Students in this program gain and build a number of skills, making them highly marketable when they graduate. If you're considering graduate or professional school, this program will definitely prepare you for such studies. Whether you start your academic career in honors or you join after your first year, students in the program will have a variety of challenging academic experiences.

The benefits of participating in the honors program are plentiful. Here are just a few:

  • Individual Honors Curriculum: Honors students work with a faculty advisor to create a unique curriculum that lets them explore their interests.

  • Additional Scholarship Opportunities: You can earn additional scholarship dollars for your extra efforts. These scholarships are "merit-based" and evaluated on the basis of your research proposal. The amount varies based on the quality of the research proposal.

  • Honors Courses: Students are requested to schedule honors/upper division courses to meet requirements in the General Education section of the honors curriculum. Generally, more than 100 honors courses are available throughout the university each year.

  • Individual Advising: Students work closely with a faculty advisor to map out their honors curriculum and project plan.

  • Priority Scheduling: Honors program students are given priority scheduling. You'll be able to schedule your classes before other students who are not in the honors program.

  • Special Recognition: Honors courses are designated as such on official university transcripts. Students who complete their honors program with at least a 3.4 CPHR and satisfactorily complete the honors thesis and exam will graduate with honors research distinction in their major area of study.

  • Career Preparation: Employers value problem-solving and communication skills. They are eager to hire students who are strong, analytical thinkers and who are driven to learn.

Students are eligible for our honors program if they are looking to earn a bachelor's degree in the following areas:
  • Agriculture

  • Constructions Systems Management

  • Food Science

  • Nutrition

This program is based on the concepts of flexibility in course selection, enrollment in honors, accelerated or advanced courses, and an honors project.

School of Environment and Natural Resources Honors

The Honors Program in the School of Environment and Natural Resources is a great way for SENR students to challenge themselves and enhance their academic experience. Click on the above link to learn more about the program; from the application process to graduating with Honors Research Distinction.

University Honors and Scholars