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Resources - Assets to Capitalize Upon When Working to Enhance Your Teaching and Learning Exchanges:
Research, network, and connect with University resources associated with teaching practices, global education, learning technologies, hybrid and online education, career development, advising, AI in teaching and learning, counseling and consultation services, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with University representatives from University Libraries, Office for Technology and Digital Innovation (ETDI), The Micahel V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning, and more.

Resource Table Directory

Table # 1

Global Education Programming

  • Elizabeth Shuman, CFAES Global Education Manager
  • Ryan Vonderhaar, CFAES Global Education Coordinator
The CFAES Global Education team will be available to share information on current CFAES global education programming. Additionally, we can speak with interested faculty and staff about the process and considerations for proposing a new global education program!

Table #2

Academic Advising

  • Shannon Peltier, Assistant Director, Academic Advising, Office of Undergraduate Education
At Ohio State, undergraduate academic advising is offered within the colleges (and usually within the specific departments) offering the student’s majors. While regional campuses and University Exploration offer centralized advising support, these advisors are specifically cross trained to support multiple programs of study. In many colleges, professional full-time academic advisors support students for their GE completion, minor selection, course planning, graduate and professional study requirements, petition processing, and more; some colleges also offer faculty advising for major specific course planning and career development. 
Table #3 AgTech Innovation Hub
  • Kimberly Winslow, Assistant Director, CFAES Knowledge Exchange
  • Bethany Rowles, AgTech Business Program Manager, Nationwide
Table #4 Counseling and Consultation Services
  • David Wirt, M.Ed., LPCC-S, Embedded Clinical Therapist, Counseling & Consultation Service
David Wirt, M.Ed., LPCC-S has worked as a member of OSU Student Life Counseling and Consultation Service embedded at CFAES on the Columbus campus since January 2019. CFAES has two embedded therapists, one on each campus, that work together to serve all of our students' needs. A. Schaad, Psy.D. is located on the CFAES Wooster campus. Both therapists are Farm Stress Certified and certified in REACH Suicide Prevention Training.
Table #6 Pebblepad
  • Shari Beck, Consultant, Professional Learning, Office of Academic Affairs
PebblePad is Ohio State's newest ePortfolio tool and allows students to create digital portfolios in which they can curate evidence of learning for reflection and personal or professional development. Students are introduced to the tool at the start of their GE curriculum and can be encouraged to add to their ePortfolio as they progress through other GE courses. Digital Learning's Professional Learning team will present getting-started information on the tool and provide avenues for continued support.
Table #7 CFAES Career Development
  • Adam Cahill, Program Manager, CFAES Career Development
  • Richard Fajardo, Career Development Coordinator
  • Caitlin Conrad, Career Development Coordinator
The CFAES Career Development team will be offering discussion on how to best show students the career competencies they are getting while in the classroom. We have found those most are having trouble seeing the competencies gained and are therefore struggling to articulate them to employers. 
Table #5 The Ohio State University Libraries
  • Jane Hammons, Teaching & Learning Engagement Librarian
  • Alison Schultz, ID Library Liason
  • Florian Diekmann, Head, FAES Library
  • Gwen Short, Librarian, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center Library
The University Libraries offers educational resources, services, and expertise that opens minds and forwards equity, inclusion, and diversity in the pursuit and sharing of knowledge. Representatives from the Libraries will provide information on a range of library services and resources, including general library services, information literacy, copyright services, and more.
Table #8 Student Life Disability Services
  • Madalyn Lyons, Access Specialist
  • Heidi Hartley, Access Specialist
Student Life Disability Services collaborates with and empowers students who have disabilities in order to coordinate support services and programs that enable equal access to an education and university life through accommodations.
Table #9 Carmen eLearning Support
  • Richard Henricksen, Senior eLearning Support Analyst, OTDI
  • Amanda Schlemmer, Senior eLearning Support Analyst, OTDI
Staff from Ohio State’s Learning Systems team can answer questions about any of the centrally provided learning tools.  This includes but is not limited to CarmenCanvas (  New functionality to explore 2023-24 includes New Quizzes in CarmenCanvas and the General Education program’s use of PebblePad. 
Table #10 Taking Education on the Road
  • Dr. Mark Light, Assoc. Professor, 4-H Youth Development
The Ohio 4-H Clovers CODE Initiative is focused on creating community pilots across the state to build knowledge and skills in coding and creativity. Our goal is to help youth go from content CONSUMERS of technology to content CREATORS with technology.  Our 4-H mobile design lab bus is a mobile classroom that teaches Ohio youth about technology use as a tool to create and code
Table #11 3D Printing Educational Opportunities
  • Dr. Natalia von Windheim, Post Doctoral Scholar, Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence
  • Teri Snyder, Quality and Regulator Program Manager, Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence
Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence’s (CDME) mission is to advance the manufacturing competitiveness of the United States while developing the workforce of the future. CDME has six divisions that provide a breadth of expertise and technology capabilities to support innovators in translating their technologies into real-world, market-ready manufactured products. Signature capabilities include additive manufacturing, industrial scale robotics and automation, large scale welding systems, injection molding equipment, electrical design and testing, mechanical design and testing, and traditional machine shop capabilities.
Table #12 Canvas Function - Branching Scenarios
  • Jessica Henderson, Instructional Designer, College of Arts & Sciences Office of Distance Education
  • Summer McLain, Instructional Designer, Learning & Organizational Development, OSU Extension
  • Kylienne Shaul, Instructional Deigner, School of Environment and Natural Resources
Our group of Instructional designers from ASC and CFAES will share information and resources related to the development and employment of branching scenarios. We will provide some brief information and resources related to the pedagogical benefits of utilizing these types of activities in courses, helpful strategies for developing a successful branching scenario, and we plan to create a public Carmen course containing a variety of example branching scenario activities that we will walk participants through. In addition, we will have information on hand about where faculty can go for additional support in the creation of these types of activities.
Table #13 OnCourse Student Success Platform
  • Katie Chupp, OnCourse Program Coordinator, Office of Undergraduate Education
Will be providing information on how instructors can issue progress reports and use other features of OnCourse in their courses.
Table #14 Classroom Services Support & Digital Unions
  • Andy Kuhar, Assistant Director, Learning Environments
  • Amy Spears, Manager, Digital Unions
Classroom Services provides in room support for all AV and classroom needs in classroom pool spaces. We also have four unique Digital Union spaces that are open to all faculty and students that offer high end audio recording, video studios, video editing, and a podcast studio.
Table #15 Drake Institute Signature Services & Upcoming Events
  • Tiffany Hines, Administrative Coordinator, Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching & Learning
The Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning is the primary contact for career-long professional learning opportunities and teaching resources for all who teach at Ohio State. The tools provided are meant to prepare instructors to approach teaching using evidence-based practices that reach and inspire generations of diverse students.
Table #16 Generative AI in Higher Ed Teaching
  • Dr. Chris Manion, Writing Acros the Curriculum Coordinator, Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing
We’ll be sharing a range of resources about generative AI like ChatGPT in higher-ed teaching, and offer an opportunity for faculty to talk through how they can 1) help their students critically examine and engage with generative AI tools in their courses and fields and 2) connect the issues generative AI raise to important topics and concerns in their disciplines.