Master Schedule of Course Offerings - Columbus Campus

The Office for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment oversees the Master Schedule of Course Offerings for the nine units in
the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences on the Columbus Campus. 

Scheduling Inquiries

Students: please contact your faculty advisor with questions about your schedule, or see the Scheduling Classes page.

Instructors: please contact your unit Unit Scheduling Contact(s), listed below, regarding concerns/questions about your classes.

Unit Scheduling Contacts: please refer to the following information and resources regarding scheduling courses in your unit. If you have questions, please contact the CFAES Primary Logistical Scheduling Coordinator.

NOTE: All course revision requests must be submitted by a Unit Scheduling Contact to the Primary Logistical Scheduling Coordinator. The Primary Logistical Scheduling Coordinatior is not authorized to make revisions to the master schedule without a direct request from the Unit Scheduling Contact. Therefore, if you are an instructor and have a course revision request, please work with your Unit Scheduling Contact to accomplish this.

Unit Scheduling Contacts

ACEL Trina Beebe.25
AEDE Sarah Kreidinger.1
Katie Miller.8406
ANIMSCI Maurice Eastridge.1
ENTMLGY Jeni Ruisch.2
Ellen Klinger.80
ENR Renee Johnston.230
Molly Giammarco.13
FABE Mike Lichtensteiger.2 
FDSCTE Monica Giusti.6
Alex Mobley.725
HCS Meredith Luikart.6
PLNTPTH Nikki Tate.228


Master Scheduling Resources

Important Dates to Remember for Unit Scheduling Contacts
(CFAES Scheduling Deadlines)


DISTRIBUTION of pre and post-roll schedule to units

DEADLINE for submission of edited/revised schedule copy

SP 2022

PDF - Email - TBD

SU 2021 PDF - Email - November 18, 2020 Wednesday, December 9, 2020
AU 2021 PDF - Email - November 18, 2020 Wednesday, December 16, 2020

CFAES Scheduling Contacts Meeting


Master Schedule of Course Offerings Revision Process

Revision Process

Click image below to open PDF of the revision process.
Revision Process First Page