Master Schedule of Course Offerings

Master Schedule of Course Offerings

The Office for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment oversees the Master Schedule of Course Offerings for the nine units in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences on the Columbus Campus. 

Students: please contact your faculty advisor with questions about your schedule.

Instructors: please contact your unit Unit Scheduling Coordinator (listed below) with questions about your class offering days, times or location.

Unit Scheduling Coordinators: please refer to the following information and resources regarding scheduling courses in your unit.
If you have questions, please contact the CFAES Primary Logistical Scheduling Coordinator: Sarah Brower (.31)

Important Dates to Remember (2018 CFAES Scheduling Deadlines)

Semester DISTRIBUTION of pre and post-roll schedule to units DEADLINE for submission of edited/revised schedule copy to brower.31
SP 2019

Hard Copy - Annual Scheduling Contacts Meeting - June 21, 2018

PDF - Email - June 21, 2018

Wednesday, July 18, 2018
SU 2019 PDF - Email - November 15, 2018 Thursday, December 6, 2018
AU 2019 PDF - Email - November 15, 2018 Thursday, December 13, 2018


Scheduling Resources

University Scheduling Office - Resources Page - Main page on the Registrar's website regarding scheduling at Ohio State. 

University Scheduling Policy - Resources outlining Ohio State's scheduling policies. 

Mid-West Campus General Assignment and CFAES Instructional Spaces - List of the spaces that may be requested for use for instructional or event purposes. 

Room Matrix (instruction guide here) - Room Matrix and the accompanying instructions allows users to look up specific rooms to check availability for scheduling purposes. 

Approved Weekly Schedule - Schedule with start and end times, with the meeting patterns the Registrar's Scheduling Office has approved for Autumn and Spring semesters.

Approved Summer Weekly Schedule - Schedule with start and end times, with the meeting patterns the Registrar's Scheduling Office has approved for Summer semester. 

Instructor Assignments in SIS - Outlines the classification options for the instructor roles within SIS. 

Distance Education Definitions - Defines each distance education classification to assist in selecting the correct classification when scheduling within SIS.  

Autumn 2018 - General Assignment Rooms (with 360 view of the classrooms!) - List of all General Assignment spaces scheduled by the Registrar's Scheduling Office. 

CFAES IP Video-Linked Rooms - List of all spaces on the Columbus and Wooster campuses that are equipped with video conference capabilities. 

Printing Master Schedule from SIS - Directions on how to print the Master Schedule from SIS. 

University and CFAES Scheduling Calendar 2019 - Calendar including important deadlines for Master Shcedule Coordinators to know about. 

News/Updates (last updated 11/2/2018)

Scheduling Inquiries

All course modification requests must be sent by a Unit Scheduling Coordinator to the Primary Logistical Scheduling Coordinator.

If you are a faculty or staff member and have a course modification request, please submit your request to your unit's Unit Scheduling Coordinator.

Unit Scheduling Coordinators

ACEL Trina Beebe.25
AEDECON Sarah Cole.685
ANIMSCI Maurice Eastridge.1
Amber Robinson.1965
ENTMLGY Jeni Ruisch.2
Celeste Welty.1
ENR Renee Johnston.230
FABENG Mike Lichtensteiger.2
Kelli Swackhamer.4
FDSCTE Monica Giusti.6
HCS Meredith Luikart.6
PLNTPTH Nikki Tate.228


Master Schedule of course offerings Revision Process

Beginning April 2018, the process will be as follows: 

The process begins when the Primary Logistical Scheduling Coordinator from the Office for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment emails the Unit Scheduling Coordinators a PDF copy of their unit’s pre-roll and post-roll Schedule of Classes for the appropriate term (semester).

Next, each Unit Scheduling Coordinator will:

  1. Print off the PDF single sided.
  2. Review each course for accuracy. Any changes should be marked in red on the hard copy of the Master Schedule. Things to check for:
    1. Instructor changes:
      1.  List the new instructor’s name as First Last.# (example: Brutus Buckeye.123)
    2. Access Type:
      1. Post – highest level of access, can enter and post grades
      2. Approve – can enter and approve already entered grades, but not post
      3. Grade – can enter, but not post
    3. Distance Education:
      1. Identify distance education courses as follows:
        1. DL (distance learning)
        2. DH (distanced enhanced)
        3. HY (hybrid delivery)
        4. P (in person)
        5. See Distance Education Definitions in Resources above.
    4. Wooster vs. Columbus
      1. Identify which sections are Wooster versus Columbus sections, including research and individual studies.
    5. 5000 level courses
      1. are both undergrad and graduate sections needed?
      2. Are both Columbus and Wooster sections needed?
    6. New courses
      1. Please include the following information:
        1. Term
        2. Course
        3. Session
        4. Location
        5. Meeting start and end times
        6. Meeting days
        7. Instructor
        8. Enrollment capacity
        9. Special items (instructor consent, notes regarding metting pattern or facility)
    7. Don’t forget to include courses like 4193, 4999, 4999H, 7999, 8193, 8999
  3. Once the Schedule of Classes has been reviewed and all changes marked in red pen, the Unit Scheduling Coordinator will submit to the Primary Scheduling Coordinator by:
    1. Emailing a scanned PDF to OR
    2. Mailing the hard copy via Campus Mail to Sarah Brower, 100 Agricultural Administration Building
    1. Once student enrollment begins: No location or meeting days/times can be changed. Only minor adjustments can be made, such as enrollment caps and instructors. Cancelling classes can be done as long as enrolled students are notified and instructed to drop the class, it is the student's responsibility to drop the class. A class cannot be cancelled until each enrolled student has dropped the class.
    2. Once the session has begun: Only minor adjustments, such as enrollment caps and instructors can be made. Inform our office if the need to cancel a class, or moving a meeting location arises.

Once Sarah has received the unit’s revisions, Sarah will make the changes in SIS and will reach out if any questions or issues arise.

Should the Unit Scheduling Coordinators have questions in the meantime, they may email Sarah at