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Reserving the Agricultural Administration Building Auditorium

Agricultural Administration Building Auditorium

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Who May Request to Reserve the Auditorium

The Auditorium is available for the support of teaching, research, and extension programs of units/organizations administered through the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES). Therefore, any currently employed CFAES faculty or staff member may request to reserve the Auditorium for the support functions previously identified. A representative for the Group may complete and submit the online reservation request form, providing they complete all required information on the form including their event advisor/coordinator/sponsor, who must be a currently employed CFAES faculty or staff member, who will be physically in attendance during the event/meeting. This CFAES faculty or staff member may be the designated Reservation Contact for the event and all future communications regarding the reservation will be sent to them. There is no cost for associated CFAES groups to use the Auditorium space for its intended support purpose, but the space is not available for use by external groups.

Space Overview: Auditorium and Kitchen

The following are the amenities that are provided to the Group utilizing the Auditorium for the event.


  • 25 rectangular tables (2-1/2' x 5')
  • 30 round tables (72" diameter) approximately 187 padded chairs 5 wall partitions
  • a desktop podium
  • a standard speaker’s podium

Auditorium Technology*

  • Screen
  • Speakers - CURRENTLY OUT OF ORDER - group will need to provide own speakers
  • Microphone attached to speaker’s podium  - CURRENTLY OUT OF ORDER - group will need to provide own microphone 


  • Stove/Oven
  • Microwave
  • Refridgerator
  • Two Sinks

There is no computer, projector, or wireless microphone provided. It is the Group’s responsibility to secure any needed technological equipment.

* IT support for the Auditorium is not provided by the College. Therefore, the College is not able to offer assistance with any IT issues encountered during events.

Reservation Contact Responsibilities

The Reservation Contact must be a currently employed CFAES faculty or staff member who is serving as the event advisor/coordinator/sponsor, and is the authorized and responsible representative for the Group reserving the Auditorium. The Reservation Contact:

  • Completes, signs, and returns the Agricultural Administration Building Auditorium Reservation Agreement Acknowledgement Form through DocuSign by the specified due date.
  • MUST attend and be present for the duration of the scheduled event(s).
  • is responsible for picking up, retaining, and returning the Reservation Packet, which includes the Auditorium access key.
  • is not to provide or transfer the Auditorium key to other individuals. Only the Reservation Contact is authorized to have and use the Auditorium key.
  • is granted Lenel (card swipe) system access to building, if applicable.
  • is responsible for ensuring the Group understands and follows the terms, conditions, policies and procedures as outlined in this Agreement.
  • is responsible for overseeing set up, clean up, and tear down of the Auditorium and Kitchen.
  • is responsible for completing, signing, and returning the Auditorium Checklist with the Reservation Packet.

If you have further questions, please email and a member of our team will assist you.

Agr Admin Auditorium Reservation Request Form