Event Space Reservations

Do you want to use a CFAES space for a meeting or an event?

A) Do you know which space you want?

If not, check out the Columbus Mid-West CFAES Instructional, Meeting, and General Assignment Spaces list.

B) Is the space you want available? 

Check the Room Matrix to see if the space is available on your proposed date(s) (Room Matrix instruction guide).

C) If the space you want to reserve appears to be available, please complete either the online CFAES and General Assignment Space Reservation Request Form, or the online Agr Admin Building Auditorium Reservation Request Form.


Additional Resources

Room Matrix (instruction guide here) - Room Matrix and the accompanying instructions allows users to look up specific rooms to check availability for scheduling purposes.

Autumn 2019 - General Assignment Rooms - List of all General Assignment spaces scheduled by the Registrar's Scheduling Office. 

CFAES IP Video-Linked Rooms - List of all spaces on the Columbus and Wooster campuses that are equipped with video conference capabilities.