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Faculty Advising Resources

Registrar - Important Dates Includes important dates for current term/semester and a comprehensive calendar of important dates (add, drop, fees due, campus closures, etc.).
CFAES - Important Dates Quick Reference Guide Includes an overview of general dates and deadlines regarding adding a class, dropping a class, when students will be dropped for non-payment, and the deadline for submitting the online Grade Forgiveness Form.
Registrar - Academic Calendar Lists the specific calendar dates for current semester/term, as well as future semesters.
Buckeye Link – Academic Center Comprehensive resource for students, faculty and staff, including important dates, access to Academic Advising information, scheduling information, important documents, policies, and forms, including FERPA and university policies and procedures.

CFAES - Forms


*Link to Registrar Forms (staff only)

CFAES forms page includes fillable pdfs for commonly-used academic forms, submission instructions, and a link to Registrar forms. Questions regarding forms may be addressed to CFAES Academic Affairs.

Staff-only Registrar forms (such as Grade Change) can be accessed at this secure link using OSU SSO login. 

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Includes information for prospective and current students who have already completed courses related to Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at another institution or current Ohio State students who are seeking pre-evaluation to take related courses at another institution. 

Students are instructed to read the page thoroughly before completing the online transfer credit evaluation request form. 

Declare a Major or Minor Students requesting to declare or change their major and/or minor should schedule an appointment with Paul Heimberger or Ben Carignan in the College Office (614) 292-6891. 
Degree Audit Information (Registrar) Includes information for faculty/staff and students on how to run a degree audit, a ‘what if degree audit, a transfer credit report, and FAQs. If you have questions, please contact Cynthia Violet in CFAES Academic Affairs. 
Final Exam Schedules (Registrar)

Lists the university’s official final exam schedule.


Grades Information on grades, including the unique PA/NP grading schemes in SP20 & AU20.
Grade Calculations Step-by-step instructions to assist students in calculating a 'what-if' GPA.
Grade Forgiveness All petitions to use the Grade Forgiveness Rule are submitted electronically by the student, approved by the College Office. Students may submit and check the status of their request at the link provided. Contact Paul Heimberger or Ben Carignan in the College Office (614) 292-6891 with questions or concerns.
Graduation Application Information on dates and deadlines, what needs to be done prior to graduation, and a link to the graduation application. 
Leave of Absence Questions Contact Paul Heimberger or Ben Carignan in the College Office (614) 292-6891.
OnCourse Ohio State's Advising Platform. Log in here. More information found at How To Use OnCourse: Advisors

Additional Resources

University Advising Resources - useful definitions, guides, and technology tips for academic advisors.

Concept and Core Values of Academic Advising (as outlined by NACADA) – Resource for recent articles from the academic advising global community.