List of Staff

Name Contact
Academic Affairs
Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs: Jeanne Osborne
(614) 292-1734
Jill Arnett
Program Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Amy Jo Baughman
Coordinator of Prospective Student Services
(614) 292-2416
Sarah Brower
Office Associate | Primary Logistical Scheduling Coordinator - Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
(614) 292-6891
Adam Cahill
Career Development & Communication Manager
(614) 292-1589
Ben Carignan
College Academic Counselor
(614) 292-6891
Symposium Contact
Warren Flood
Career Development Office

R. Warren Flood, Ph.D.
Director - Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
(614) 292-6891
Paul A Heimberger
College Academic Counselor
(614) 292-6891
Mary McLaughlin
Career Development Coordinator
(614) 247-7603
Kendyl Meadows
Office Associate, Academic Affairs
(614) 292-1734
Deana Nameth-Covert
Director of Online Education and Outreach
(402) 483-1338
Steven Neal, Ph.D.
Associate Dean and Director of Academic Programs
(614) 688-5612
Kelly Newlon
CFAES Director of Education Abroad
(614) 688-4144
Jeanne Osborne
Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs
(614) 292-1734
Carol Poe
Assistant to the Associate Dean
(614) 688-5612
Krista Scott
Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Student Engagement
(614) 292-6891
Katie Share
Office Associate, Prospective Student Services
(614) 688-4659
Susie Sheller
Office Associate
(614) 292-3590


Above is the listing of our staff within CFAES Academic Programs. The list is organized by last name.